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Since 1963, Finn-Log has become the truly authentic approach to the traditional, personal crafting of logs. At Finn-Log Homes, we pride ourselves in providing consumers with a quality, crafted product, utilizing advanced construction techniques and unique design to ensure complete consumer satisfaction.

Our Sales, Design and Construction network offers you the highest quality in natural or laminated log materials available today.

A home built the hand-hewn way can be prohibitive in cost, but Finn-Log affords a superior structure, with the matchless charm and distinction of logs at a reasonable cost.

Finn-Log construction is naturally popular for summer homes and woodland structures, but lends itself readily for year-round residential structures of all types in virtually any environment. Wherever Finn-Log is used -- rustic or contemporary designs -- the result is a building of unique appeal and distinction but compatible with any surroundings.

Finn-Log products have remarkable and superior structural properties. The insulating efficiency of the solid log wall is historic, both for winter warmth and summer coolness. Solid Finn-Log walls actually moderate humidity extremes as well as temperature variations. The logs act as natural vapor barriers uniformly increasing the comfort and livability of the structure.

Finn-Log represents the whole wall, as no further interior insulating or paneling of any type is required. The "Triple Tongue and Groove" wall system ( T&G also in saddle-notch corners) provides an air tight seal, along with the "self insulating" logs against winter cold and summer heat.

When you build with Finn-Log, you build for beauty and distinction -- for Continuation of tradition -- for durability and livability -- for a lifetime of Pleasure, comfort and pride -- and for less cost than any structure of Comparable quality. One's home colors one's life -- the spaciousness, depth and back-to-the basics feel that a Finn-Log home offers.

Finn-Log Homes International Ltd.
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Calgary, AB
Canada T3R 1H8

Ph: 403-208-7374
E-mail: finnlog@sympatico.ca
Sales & Design Center - Eastern Canada
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Ottawa, ON
Canada K0A 1L0

Ph/Fax: 1-613-831-1720
E-mail: finnlog@sympatico.ca

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